Voters Still Have Questions for La Crosse Headmasters on $194M Referendum to Buy Trane Building – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

It’s time to vote for the residents of the La Crosse School District on whether to consolidate the two public high schools into one Trane Company building.

That $194 million plan is now on the ballot, and voters had one last chance to question Superintendent Aaron Engel about the plan at Logan High on Wednesday night.

Engel says that due to declining registrations and lack of revenue, consolidations will be required whether or not the referendum passes.

“We need to consolidate at all levels, to balance our budgets, reduce class sizes and invest in the great teachers we have to teach our children every day,” Engel told an audience. about 100 people.


Wednesday’s session was the 11th and final public meeting on the school’s plans, in a series that began in August.

Engel said the current plan to combine Logan and Central will save money, but it won’t solve all of the school district’s existing deficits.

“We still lack opportunities for kids to get the lessons they want and need, and we don’t have the modern labs we need to educate them,” Engel said. The superintendent also said that some high school sports and arts activities are now being combined, as neither Central nor Logan currently have enough students for these activities.

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