Nike Air Max Scorpion Sneakers, shoes: release date and price

Nike’s Air Max Scorpion is the latest in a long line of technically innovative lifestyle shoes released by The Swoosh, but there’s one big caveat: the Air Max Scorpion is one of the first shoes Nike fully engineered, start to finish, during lockdowns. initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite these intimate origins, the Air Max Scorpion has been one of Nike’s most ambitious sneakers for about a year.

Designers and developers used advanced techniques such as 3D VR software, machine learning and “computational design”, as Nike puts it, to complete the Air Max Scorpion in a swift 18 months, which is significantly shorter than the many years it often takes. for a juggernaut like Nike to formulate new technologies, molds and Flyknit applications.

The sportswear giant also cites the importance of innovation in the manufacture of air, a term used to describe decades of practical air development. When you think how far Nike Air has come to, say, the early days of the Air Max 1, the Air Max Scorpion is that much bigger.

And that’s without taking into account its already imposing height! Nike claims the Air Max Scorpion has the most Air in their shoe line to date and looking at those stacked Air units that make up the sole, I have to say I take them at their word.

The result is a sneaker that challenges the all-day comfort of walking sneakers from rival sportswear companies, aligning with the emerging trend of borderline orthopedic footwear becoming part of the fashion ecosystem, picking up there where the experimental

First seen earlier this year through social media posts of ambitious sneaker leaks, the Air Max Scorpion is finally making its way to store shelves and Nike SNKRS October 5.

Expect future drops to include plenty of new colorways and revisions to the beefy silhouette as Nike continues to tweak their new workhorse.

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