Fancy genuine leather shoes with spongy heels from Japanese cobbler

Break the laws of leather shoes without breaking the shoes themselves.

Living in Japan, I really learned to appreciate slip-on shoes during the many times I had to get them in and out quickly in all sorts of situations, from restaurants to schools. However, the full slip tends to limit the styles available, especially in high-stakes formal situations like weddings and bail hearings.

Not wanting to accept such limits are workwear brand WWS and Asics evening wear division Texcy Luxe have teamed up to create what they call genuine leather footwear without boundaries.

These shoes look like any other pair of leather dress shoes, but the heel part is specially designed to be soft and flexible so you can crush it and slide your foot easily without worrying about deforming or cracking it.

▼ Watch him go!

Now, before you go, get some ideas from this gif. These heels are still leather, so you shouldn’t walk around like this or they will fade or fade. Nevertheless, the heel slides easily without the need for shoe horns, and the manufacturers not only allow lounging with the shoes halfway, they encourage it.

▼ Comfortable shoes and the sight of a bald eagle, he’s living his dream

They are also made with all the other attributes of high quality footwear such as insoles built in with deodorizing and antibacterial fibers and a lightweight design for easy walking. Genuine leather borderless shoes actually use elastic side gores, just like loafers, but with these they are much more no one is wiser unless they see you doing this:

And even with all that, they’re reasonably priced at just 14,080 yen (105 USD) per pair where they are currently being sold on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. Understandably, Japan’s prevalent customs of removing shoes made them a highly sought-after item, and they erased their target amount by more than 1,500%, to the tune of just under eight million yen ($60,000 ), in just one week.

This figure is expected to increase further as the crowdfunding continues until October 7th. Those who signed up during this time should expect to receive their stealth loafers in the mail between November of this year and next February.

For those who just can’t wait until then to try some, or who are still skeptical about their effectiveness, Until October 7, WWS will be offering a special try-on section featuring authentic Borderless shoes at its flagship store in Shinjuku, Tokyo..

I have a feeling that this kind of shoes will really catch on in Japan. I’d definitely like a pair myself, not so much for work – since I’m just sitting at a computer and occasionally going on a fun slide – but for when I’m taking out the trash on the sidewalk and all my neighbors can see that I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Source: Makuake, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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