Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaning White Leather Shoes

One of the best ways to avoid cleaning white leather shoes is to actually protect your white leather shoes. One of the easiest ways, according to Who What Wear, is to use a waterproof spray that will keep dirt off your shoes. You can simply spray the products all around the shoe before wearing them, let them air out and dry, and you’re good to go. These sprays are a surefire method because leather doesn’t absorb water as much as other fabrics, which means they won’t be damaged by one of these sprays. If it’s too late to take this step, don’t worry, because cleaning them isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

According to Real Simple, all you have to do is grab a few materials, clean, and let dry, and you’re set. Start by wetting a paper towel, squeezing out the excess water and sliding it over your shoe until the majority of the dirt is gone. It is simply a matter of removing any dirt that has not yet been deposited in the leather. If you have a tougher stain or dirt, take a small towel and lather it up with mild soap and water. Really dig into the dirt, then use the same rag to get rid of any excess soap that may be left on your shoe.

Then you just have to repeat the previous step or let them dry. With that in mind, your white shoes will stay white forever.

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