George Cleverley’s ‘Jack’ sneakers redefine leather footwear

George Cleverly has been producing fine men’s shoes for over a century Source: George Cleverley

Many of us have spent much of the last two years in various combinations of cargo pants, t-shirts, hoodies and battered sneakers as we adjust to working from home. And while these staples have formed the basis of our wardrobes, it’s time to move on.

Fashion has changed the way people think about comfortable clothing and many are more willing to make bold style decisions and indulge in a luxurious take on an item that was, until recently, considered too casual.

The ‘Jack’ sneaker is George Cleverley’s first informal/formal leather shoe, handcrafted in his studio in Bond Street, London. Casual without being messy, shoes are a great way to clean up an otherwise unrefined combo like jeans and a shirt.

George Cleverley makes some of the best shoes men can buy and these leather trainers are made to the same extremely high standards as the rest of their shoes. The appeal of this shoe designed by George Glasgow Jr. is not limited to its appearance, as it is made from sustainable materials that harm the environment much less than the usual rubber.

Originally released exclusively in white calfskin, the shoe is now available in black calfskin, as well as beige and dark gray buffed nubuck leather. Tim Cook, Jason Statham, Ralph Lauren and David Beckham are all customers, drawn to the brand by the authenticity of their products which are made with the world’s finest quality materials and to the highest standard.

The Jack in white calfskin, approx. AU$620 | Source: George Cleverley

The George Cleverley ‘Jack’ trainers are hand sewn instead of glued together like most other trainers and they have the added benefit of being incredibly comfortable. Lacta Havea insoles made from sustainable virgin rubber tree milk, harvested directly from the Cao Su or ‘Crying Wood’ tree, take them to the next level of luxury.

Their durability and long life set them apart from other leather shoes and they would look great to break up a tailored suit or as a centerpiece for a more casual outfit; the field of creativity is wide.

The rubberwood milk used in the construction of the sole is processed in the traditional way, producing a microstructure of tiny air bubbles in the milk before it hardens, allowing for better heel cushioning and a more comfortable shoe.

George Cleverly 'Jack' Trainers
Source: George Cleverley

Trees are not felled when extracting Havea milk; a spiral cut in the bark collects the tree’s sap. This is a beneficial and totally sustainable way to produce the material needed to make George Cleverley’s ‘Jack’ sneakers.

The company uses the material because the production of rubber for footwear is not environmentally sustainable, it generates more waste produced than the amount of rubber it generates, resulting in the release of carcinogenic chemicals and harmful substances. other by-products in the environment.

Shoes are a huge amount of waste we produce and some materials, including Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, used in the shock-absorbing midsole, will remain intact in landfills for over 1000 years without decomposing.

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