The Muslim fashion designer was the first to present leather shoes to the British Royals

Aura Soltana, a young Tatar slave, who later became fashion advisor to Queen Elizabeth I was offered to her

[Buckingham Palace London – the official residence of the UK Royal family.]

London: From a running and popular shoe to a sign of prosperity and privilege, leather shoes were first introduced to the British royal family by a Muslim fashion designer, according to a media report.

Members of the British royal family were not used to leather shoes until Aura Soltana, an orphan described in palace archives as a war prize captured in her childhood, became the fashion adviser to the Queen Elizabeth I, My London said in a report.

“Although she was brought to the palace as a slave, she was certainly well looked after. She was known to wear Granada silk dresses and owned several Spanish leather shoes, ”the news portal said.

“Even Queen Elizabeth I herself did not wear leather shoes back then, as her shoes were often made of velvet. It wasn’t until Aura, or Ipolitan, started working as the Queen’s personal fashion advisor that the Queen started wearing Spanish leather herself, ”the report says.

Aura Soltana, a young Tatar slave, believed to be of Nogai descent, was gifted to Queen Elizabeth I by a 29-year-old Leicester man named Anthony Jenkinson.

Jenkinson was sent to Moscow as part of the famous Moscovy Company, founded in 1551 to encourage trade relations between England and Russian Tsarism.

Jenkinson and others then sailed across the Caspian to the lands of Persia. They made it as far as Bukhara, which is today located in Uzbekistan.

When their goal was to finally enter the markets of China and India, they decided to turn around after realizing that the road was too dangerous to continue downhill, and they left Persia with very little. things to show for their expedition.

On their way back to Moscow, Jenkinson and his men landed at Astrakhan, a former Tatar stronghold on the northwestern Caspian coast that two years earlier had been sacked by the armies of Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

“There Jenkinson received a young Tatar slave, believed to be of Nogai descent, whose name is recorded in the history books as Aura Soltana,” the report said.

“Not much is known about Aura, but Jenkinson brags about buying her for the price of ‘a loaf of bread worth six pence in England’ and renaming her Anna,” according to the report.

It is believed that after bringing Aura back with him to Moscow, Jenkinson then returned to England in 1560 and presented her as an offering to his queen.

Aura was mentioned in a register of Elizabeth’s servants as “dear and beloved,” and she continued to be mentioned until the late 1560s in a court order for a flayer by the name of ‘Adam Bland supplies rabbit fur for his damask coat.

Historian Jerry Brotton did well to document Aura’s story in his 2016 book “The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam”, but at the same time, her life is still obscured by mystery.

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