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Men’s sneakers: shoes for all occasions

July 29, 2021


Sneakers are most often associated with sports and streetwear fashion. However, they have much more potential, which is why many models are also used in an elegant and classic style. Find out which styles of men’s sneakers are worth having in your wardrobe.

The variety of models of men’s sneakers allows you to really play with trends and image. Thanks to original styles, you can show up every day in a different outfit and see that sneakers are shoes for every occasion. We show you how to create your own style to feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Not only sporty

The sneakers are above all casual and comfortable. Although loved by lovers of sporty style, followers of casual fashion also appreciate their universality. The popularity of sneakers gives us more and more choices when it comes to styles and how to match them with outfits. You can wear this unique style in summer with shorts and a T-shirt as well as in autumn with a daytime suit, jeans or pants. Classic athletic shoes are usually white, often with contrasting inserts (eg black or red). The colors of casual sneakers are a bit richer, making it easier to match accessories and the rest of your wardrobe.

If you are close to the classic style, choose sneakers in navy blue color with a red sole and red laces. It’s a pretty original combination that will highlight the daring look of your outfit. Choose shoes made of grained leather or suede leather, which will ensure great wearing comfort and make the shoes serve you for many years to come. Wear with lightweight fabric pants with narrow legs, which will expose the shoes. Pair it with classic jeans and a light t-shirt or sweater, for example yellow or ash.

Lace-up sneakers – hot or not?

Brogues are popular shoes with characteristic holes, which until recently were reserved only for formal fashion. Today, they can also be worn with everyday outfits. The combination of classic brogues and sporty styling is a modern twist that lovers of avant-garde and nonchalant fashion will love. If you are one of those, you can combine openwork sneakers with jeans as well as fabric pants. Pair it with a cotton t-shirt in a soft color.

The openwork sneakers are available in different colors. Brown and black are best for a more formal fashion. However, remember not to wear them with evening suits and at formal parties. Due to their comfortable wearing and stylish look, brogue style sneakers are a good choice for office work. The more daring styles combine contrasting colors, like black and red, or two types of materials, like natural leather with tweed inserts. There are also models in patent leather and rubber sole, combining streetwear ease and classic elegance. You can find dress sneakers on the Marc Nolan site, which has a wide range of high quality men’s shoes.

The stylish face of men’s sneakers

If you are looking for the perfect compromise between formal and sporty fashion, opt for monk-style sneakers. This timeless cut is experiencing a real renaissance. Their popularity continues to grow, thanks to which they are used in many outfits. Their sporty cut will add lightness to your image, while giving you an extremely elegant look. When choosing sporty monks, always go for models made of natural leather, preferably in shades of brown, beige and cognac. The rubber sole will ensure comfort and freedom of movement. You can wear them for a romantic walk as well as for a night out with friends.

When it comes to athletic monks, the devil is definitely in the details. The decorative straps with buckles contrast in an interesting way with the rubber sole. If you go for a light brown style, team it with a navy suit and a dark polka dot tie. This cut will also go very well with khaki-colored fabric pants. It is also worth making sure to match accessories, such as a belt and watch in similar colors, or stylish sunglasses. This jumpsuit is very fashionable and at the same time adds a touch of fiery elegance.

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