These new vegan leather shoes and this fruity cobbler are made from the same things

On April 22, in honor of Earth Day, footwear brand Sylven New York launches the world’s first vegan sneaker made with apples and coconut. The “Mel” sneaker will be handcrafted in Italy from apple leather, coconut shells and a renewable rubber made from tree sap. Apple leather, made from organic apple waste from Italy, is a material that the brand has long used. Coconut shells and lactate rubber are new natural materials that will be incorporated into the new shoe. The Mel will retail for $ 275 and will be available in two colors: white with red accents and black with natural stitching.

Made with edible materials

As part of the launch, and to showcase the sneaker’s natural and edible materials, Sylven New York has teamed up with Chrissy Tracey—Enjoy your mealis the first vegan chef in – to develop a personalized vegan apple and coconut shoemaker recipe, which will be officially released on April 22, the shoe’s launch day. “We love to play with materials that sound like ingredients,” said Casey Dworkin, founder and creative director of Sylven New York. “It was so natural to work with someone like Chrissy to play even further in the apple and coconut combo.”

The launch follows the brand’s announcement that it will become a fully vegan brand by the end of this year. Sylven New York’s current vegan collection accounts for 50 percent of its offerings. The new Mel sneaker will be available on the brand’s website, along with digitally-focused partners Garmentory, Verishop and Immaculate Vegan.

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