Demon Italy hiking boots, shoes by Slam Jam

With a plethora of technical, trail-ready kicks from top brands, fashion partnerships and independent beginners, there’s never been a better time to step into the great outdoors. The Slam Jam in Milan had previously predicted the advent of the outdoor movement with its efforts for ROA shoes, now it is deepening its connection with adventure shoes by relaunching the now defunct Italian hiking shoe brand Demon.

Founded in 1963 in the Italian manufacturing center of Montebelluna, Veneto, Demon has been given a new lease of life. The progressive likes of Slam Jam blew up the brand’s original silhouettes, resulting in a trio of styles equally suited to function as statement pieces or climbers. The low Poyana, the zippered Graelòn and the large Carbonàz are each handcrafted in Italy, distinguished by their different heights, closures and clever design elements that make them indispensable for anyone looking to conquer the imposing Italian Dolomites. or Mont Blanc.

Each sporting expansive and dramatic soles, the boots are all crafted in tone-on-tone black and premium materials to ensure versatility and functionality, enhanced with unique touches. For example, the Graelòn model features a waterproof and scratch-resistant microfiber upper on a robust Vibram temeark outsole, while the Carbonàz is comparatively lighter thanks to its Putex Textile membrane upper and rubber outsole. featherweight Vibram rubber. The Poyanas, on the other hand, are arguably more street-friendly than their counterparts, thanks to a smooth vegetable-tanned leather upper and a lowered ankle opening – they’re no more fragile, however, thanks to the powerful binding. protective eFoam that wraps the entire front of the Poyana panel.

Demon’s first collection will hit Slam Jam website and shop soon – visit demon site for more information.

Even tougher outdoor shoes are coming out ahead of winter, as evidenced by Merrell’s MQM Ace suede silhouette.

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