Why Nisolo lowered the prices of his best-selling leather shoes

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Direct-to-consumer is kind of a deceptive phrase if you think about it. These companies claim to “eliminate the middleman” when they or they are in fact the intermediary – between the factory and you, that is to say. But there is at least one company that goes further in terms of real D2C practices and transparency: Nisolo.

You may know Nisolo for being a go-to leather shoe maker that we regularly champion in shoe scams, as well as for his sustainable practices like the Shoe Reclamation Program. This month, he unveiled the Essentials Collection, nine of the brand’s best-selling styles for men and women, which are now permanently slashed to $ 150 a pair.

For men, the best deal is the timeless Emilio Chukka Boot, which is now $ 48 cheaper than before. But there’s also the Calano Oxford and the Chamberlain Penny Loafer both now at $ 38 off, and the Chavito Chukka Boot which is $ 8 off. It’s the same handcrafted leather construction as before, but at a more affordable price. So what gives?

The simple answer is that Nisolo has his own factory. Although said factory is located in Trujillo, Peru, and the company’s headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee, they still have a say in all aspects of production unlike other D2C brands. Thanks to business growth, Nisolo is now working on a larger scale where proportional costs decrease. And instead of the middleman taking all those profits and running, Nisolo is passing some of the savings in the form of this new collection.

Not all shoes made by Nisolo cost $ 150, mind you. (And not all of their products are made in their factory.) But if you need a new pair of chukkas and haven’t tried them before, now is the time.

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